Yumivore was started as a way to consume and share my passion for food, as well as a way to indulge in wine, photography- and all of the yum in life. By creating a dedicated Twitter handle to focus my content stream, essentially I joined a vibrant community of food bloggers, vinophiles, farmers, authors, photographers, entrepreneurs, bakers, chefs – an incredible list of people I can learn from and share a conversation with online.

Launched back on a winter day in December 2010, the reception to Yumivore was (and continues to be) incredibly warm and wonderful. I also ventured off Twitter and created this blog, but I’ll be the first to admit my blogging habits tend to be whimsical. And the blog at times may resemble a smorgasbord of ideas and content, all aimed of course to be served in good taste.

My subjects of interest span farms to forks, eating local to exploring food and spice markets around the globe. And I may take a break to hit the great outdoors and appreciate our planet in between. The topics I’ll dish up may range from food adventures, to the art of wine with moments of gastronomical gusto. If you’re searching for recipes, I may whip up one or two, here or there. Though I will happily share bites from my favorite food bloggers, folks who craft memorable dishes and share eye-popping tempting tidbits. As you’ll soon come to savor, this blog has a little of this, some of that and the kitchen sink included.

I may not be a servant to this blog, but I do hope to serve you well. Thank you for visiting, stopping in for a bite, sitting down to consume Yumivore with a hot drink or while sipping a glass of wine. I look forward to connecting and hearing from you! Whether consuming with our eyes, our taste buds, or our heart, Yumivore is a way to define the way we consume the yum in life.

Cheers to voracious appetites, appreciating art and embracing the world.

From your host,

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