the port market: shuk hanamal tel aviv

Now just a few years old, Shuk HaNamal which translates to The Port Market, is a trendy albeit family friendly destination in uptown Tel Aviv. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the indoor market is a few steps away from the sand, the newly built building adjacent to remnants of an old port and an existing boardwalk that now caters to a new crowd. Inside this emporium you can find a smorgasbord of foods, such as a wide variety of pickles, breads, baked goods, a wonderful selection of halva a tahini or sesame paste sweet confection, along with a wine shop, charcuterie, cheese stop and you can shop for organic produce here. It’s a comfortable place to meander through, to stop and taste a bite of something simple or gourmet, enjoy a gelato or even pack a few things for a nearby picnic. Shuk HaCarmel, a bustling farmers market in central Tel Aviv, may be the spot to stock up on for produce, but in both destinations you can enjoy a taste of Israel. And there’s nothing like experiencing and exploring with your taste buds. Enjoy the market.

Enjoy more of the Port Market at Slow Food or go People Watching at Shuk HaNamal with Sarah Melamed. Find more markets to visit at Go Israel. And directions to and hours of Shuk HaNamal at

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