california’s artisan cheese festival

An event to look forward to in March is the Artisan Cheese Festival which takes place in Petaluma, Sonoma County. The marketplace at the festival brings together “handcrafted cheeses, foods, wines and beers from California and beyond”. I had the pleasure of attending back in 2011 with Chef Arnon Oren of Oren’s Kitchen and I look forward to going back again. The event is a wonderful opportunity to taste delectable cheeses, meet cheese makers, and sample artisan foods like savory nuts, tasty jams, chocolates, sweets from local bakeries, artisan beer and award winning bread. There’s also organic hand-churned butters to try that will make you wonder if it’s possible to ever buy anything else. Creamy cheeses and savory crackers pair beautifully with wine and a few local wineries are happy to oblige and pour a glass.

The California Artisan Cheese Festival may happen once a year, but the local cheesemongers and their cheeses are accessible year-round and can be found in markets, cheese shops and along the Sonoma Marin Cheese Trail. California eateries, bakeries and artisan food producers presenting at the marketplace are also worth visiting; be sure to checkout a list of past Artisan Festival Participants

For more details about the event visit: California’s Artisan Cheese Festival
Pick up a map and head to Marin and Sonoma County:
The Milky Whey: Following the Sonoma Marin Cheese Trail

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