the grocer’s son

In my high school and college years when I found myself renting movies on my own, I fell in love with the films Jean de Florette and the sequel Manon des Sources. The films spoke to my heart. The foreign movie genre in general didn’t at all seem foreign to me. In fact these films seemed to often present life as I envisioned it.

From my perspective, the French films I’ve had the pleasure of seeing thus far, place great emphasis on sharing a story and developing it. These films don’t dazzle with pyrotechnics but instead with technique. While in life the French seem to embrace food and wine in a healthy fashion, their reverence for food and from where it was sourced is a motif that’s often found in their films. Food is rarely the pièce de résistance in their movies, but can be found woven into the story they’re trying to tell. It’s not to say all French movies live up to this expectation or that all are even worth watching. But as a foreigner, French films do impress me.

The Grocer’s Son, Le fils de l’épicier, is set in Provence, France. I won’t critique the film, I leave that to the critics, but if I’m sharing it, that should indicate that I do recommend it. The title piqued my interest, and the charming setting and fact that it appeals to a Francophone’s ears turned it into a date with Netflix. The film focuses on a son’s obligation to his father, the family store and the intrigues of family members. Sure enough food is not the emphasis of the film, but it has a role to plays.

If you’re searching for something satisfying to watch, and even a date night paired with food, this movie is for you. I recommend sitting down with a bite of French comfort food such as a cassoulet or ratatouille, or even baguette and pâté and then sit back for a comfortable and pastoral film. Of course, we are talking about a French-themed evening, so don’t forget the wine. Enjoy!

What wine and comfort food pairing would you recommend for this film?

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