a year of yumivore: the best of twitter: #wine

Saying goodbye to 2011 with a glance back at past tweets, I found a log of each season’s best bounty served up in tantalizing recipes, mesmerizing photos, intriguing articles, and a journey around the globe. Sifting through Twitter brought lots of smiles and even laughs as I stumbled on tweets such as #lessambitiousmovies or #lessambitiousfilms and food movie swaps such as #vegetarianfilms Cinnamon Paradiso. There was also lots of wine to enjoy.

Here’s a look back at some of the best articles and resources from 2011 on all things #wine:

Why swirling wine in a glass makes it taste better http://tgr.ph/squzXx
Wine Types Chart http://j.mp/riMxDj
Learning to enjoy wine with Noble’s Aroma Wheel http://bit.ly/pjd7KS
How to Wine with Class: 7 Vintage Tips For Beginners http://awe.sm/5Nkmj
Vino 101: A Crash Course in Wine Lingo http://ht.ly/5iCgJ
Best Hidden Secrets Of The Wine World: Second Labels http://j.mp/iwyyiC
The World’s 15 Best Wine-Producing Regions http://awe.sm/5IDab
Winemakers Rising to Climate Challenge http://nyti.ms/vrvOyN
Knowing the lingo of wine http://j.mp/hDJpCc
A Simple Wine and Recipe Pairing Trick post

Blogs & Local Love
How to Taste Wine Like a Sommelier – Back to Bakas http://ow.ly/5qrZC
Day-Visit to Napa Valley http://bit.ly/tsawsg #travel
Napa Valley Wineries With The Best Eats article
The best of Dry Creek http://bit.ly/kgONI6
California Wine Country: Where to Eat http://awe.sm/5IvZD #food #travel

How Cork Is Made http://ow.ly/1u0iWO #photos
Indulge in The Art of Wine

Cheers to all for contributing great #wine content, including:
@alawine @israeliwine @RandallGrahm @EricAsimov @norcalwine @rickbakas @poortastemag @TweSommelier @FoodWineTrails @awanderingwino and so many more …

What’s your favorite post from 2011?

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2 Responses to a year of yumivore: the best of twitter: #wine

  1. Sally - My Custard Pie January 5, 2012 at 4:57 am #

    Excellent wine round up.

  2. Orly January 5, 2012 at 5:04 am #

    From my Twitter stream these rocked. Cheers!