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Looking at a glass half-full, but full of beautiful buttery Chardonnay that is, film choice for this week is Bottle Shock. Having just celebrated the 35th Anniversary of the Judgment of Paris and a few days later International Chardonnay Day, Bottle Shock pairs beautifully with, and continues the theme of both celebrations. Released back in 2008, even if you’ve already seen the film, it makes a cozy wine, dine and movie evening. I recommend putting together a cheese board, selecting a few bottles of wine from Napa and settling back to take a trip back to 1976 through wine country. If you haven’t seen the film yet, it’s available on instant streaming via Netflix or even on Amazon.

Wine aficionados or oenophiles – pause for a side note – the word oenophile is of Greek origin, philia love of oinos wine. An oenophile is a lover of wine. Though I’m a wine enthusiast, admittedly I’m not an enthusiast of the word.

Back to our vinophiles or vinos (insert your own favorite term of endearment) and history buffs will be quick to point out the movie has historical inaccuracies. But I stress the point it’s a movie, not a documentary, and I personally welcome the opportunity to spend an evening with actor Alan Rickman. In addition, I soaked in every moment of blond blades of grass, miles of open Napa Valley hills, tranquil settings, rustic old wineries, pick-up trucks you want to hop into and grapes growing on the vine. By this point you may have figured out I’m a bit of a romantic. If you enjoy being swept away by scenery, with an entertaining story to go along with it, you won’t be shocked to discover you’ll enjoy this film. It always comes down to a matter of taste, but Bottle Shock is at least my taste in movies. Cheers!

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