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Back in January or so, during a typical Twitter stream dedicated to the subject of food, pancakes piqued our interest. Globetrotter Diaries, OMG! Yummy and Chow & Chatter and I found ourselves consumed by them. It sparked a conversation of sorts and lead to the idea of collectively presenting pancakes.  Although I whipped up a Lemon-Ricotta version, considered covering Matzo Brie and Latkes or Potato Pancakes to pull recipes from my heritage, I decided to dive into a brief history of the pancake instead. But true to art-form, I’m happy to present my talented food-blogging friends delectable posts. But be careful, I assure you, you’ll be craving these pancakes:

Strawberries and Cream Pancakes


Chinese Scallion Pancakes: Pancakes Gone Global


Bubbe’s Bubula Recreating my Grandma’s Puffy Matzo Meal Pancake


Sure enough we weren’t, or I should say aren’t, the only ones with a penchant for pancakes. In fact there’s an entire week dedicated to the food! Here’s more to bite into: Get Pancaking for National Pancake Week and Celebrating Pancake Week: Pancakes an American Creation? You thought wrong!

Not just around pancakes, the food-blogging community has delightfully connected and welcomed me into the conversation. Artists at their craft, I admire their work, and they’re a warm community to cozy up and connect to.They blog, I occasionally share food, wine or relevant thoughts here and certainly share via Twitter; @yumivore has given me a great handle on and feeds my voracious appetite for just that! Catch more yum on Twitter and be sure to follow @globetrottings, @omgyummy and @chowandchatter!

Do you by the way have a penchant for pancakes?


photos and posts courtesy of:

Rebecca Subbiah / Chow & Chatter

Karen / Globetrotter Diaries

Beth Lee / OMG! Yummy

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